Yogalates Every Thursday

We’ve been hearing your requests for an earlier class and some more pilates on the schedule! So Thursday mornings join @maryjean_kimball for an hour of Yogalates!

Yogalates is a mixture of Pilates and yoga. This class aims to improve posture, increase core strength, and reduce stiffness by increasing flexibility. Often including popular yoga postures like downward-facing dog and the warrior poses with Sun Salutations, stretching and intense core and abdominal strength work; Yogalates may also explore breathing exercises, guided mindfulness and relaxation. As a result of Pilates exercise, the core abdominal muscles are strengthened, which support the spine, promote good posture and offer an all around great complementary movement to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Sign up through the Yoga>Workshops Tab or through the MindBody App!