YIN & JUICE 6/30 4-6pm

Join us for a blissful evening of relaxation and indulgence as we combine the rejuvenating practice of Yin Yoga with the exquisite flavors of a wine tasting.

During the Yin Yoga class, you will experience a gentle and introspective form of yoga that focuses on long-held, passive poses. Led by Lauren DiRenzo, you will be guided through a series of slow and meditative postures designed to target deep connective tissues, promoting flexibility, circulation, and inner calm. With a tranquil ambiance and soothing music, this class provides a perfect opportunity to unwind, release tension, and restore balance to both body and mind.

After the Yin Yoga session, we will transition over to the Market into a delightful wine tasting experience. Set in a relaxed and welcoming environment, you will have the chance to savor one of our favorite wines. With the chance to explore the aromas, flavors, and characteristics of the wine. Enhancing your appreciation and understanding of this timeless beverage.

This unique combination of Yin Yoga and wine tasting offers a harmonious blend of self-care, sensory exploration, and social connection. It’s a wonderful way to unwind, nourish your body and palate, and create lasting memories with fellow enthusiasts. Come join us for an evening of tranquility and taste sensations that will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, and deeply satisfied.

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