Snowy Owls

There have been reports of Snowy Owls surrounding Common Roots in Rye, New Hampshire. Okay, so this is a stuffed animal produced by Eco Nation. They are made entirely from recycled materials. On the other hand, sightings of snowy owls have been reported in the region of the New England Seacoast. Please remember that many of these animals you see are in stressful situations. They are in a foreign environment, hungry, and in competition with other owls and birds for food. Maintain your distance from them so they can safely make it through the winter. You can buy stuffed animals from Eco Nation on our website or in-store.

The snowy owl is a magnificent and stunning bird species found in the tundra of the Arctic. They are the heaviest owls in North America and have yellow eyes, white feathers, and black barring. Their plumage is barred black and white. The hunting skills of snowy owls have earned them a well-deserved reputation. These birds have been seen swooping down from great heights to attack and kill small mammals, such as lemmings and voles. They are also well-known for their strong migration patterns, which involve heading south in search of food during winter.

Snowy Owl NH